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Board Responsibilities


  • Preside at all meetings of the Chapter.

  • Serve as Chair of the Board of Directors.

  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

  • Present an annual report at the last annual meeting of the chapter.

  • Become Immediate Past President upon completion of term as President.

  • Work with the membership chair to fulfill and submit the chapter’s annual report to the state office annually

Vice President

  • Assist the President and act for the President in his or her absence.

  • Chair the Program Committee.


  • Conduct all necessary Chapter correspondence.

  • Record, publish and preserve the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, General Membership meetings or special meetings;

  • Furnish the minutes to all Board members and make them available to other Chapter members when requested

  • Keep a record of attendance at each Board meeting and whether a quorum as defined by the by-laws is present.

  • Maintain files of all minutes and correspondence.

  • Bring to each meeting the minutes, a copy of the bylaws, rules and policies, a list of all committees and a copy of the parliamentary authority adopted by the Chapter;

  • Publish notice of membership meetings and field trips.


  • Maintain budget and accounting records.

  • Receive all dues and monies for the association and maintain them in a separate Chapter bank account.

  • Keep an account of all income, expenses, disbursements and other financial

  • Pay all bills upon receipt of a written statement or receipt.

  • Make a monthly report to the membership

  • Develop an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Present the financial records for audit on or before the last day of the fiscal year.

  • Submit all annual financial records and audits as required by law.

Training Committee Chair

  • Coordinates training of Master Naturalists for the Chapter’s training program.

  • Plans, implements and evaluates the chapter training curriculum and develops training calendar.

  • With the Treasurer develops the class budget and recommends the class tuition to the board.

  • Acquires and prepares class manuals.

  • Selects all presenters and make arrangements for their class/presentation including materials, handouts and audio-visual equipment needed for the class/presentation.

  • Arranges for speaker gifts, travel and lodging needs, and confirmation and thank you letters.

  • Arranges for publicity – newspaper, flyers, internet.

  • Arranges for location, room seating and equipment for all classes.

  • Manages the on-going class through graduation.

Membership Committee Chair

  • Maintains a roster of the Chapter’s member names including in-training members plus addresses, phone numbers and Internet addresses. Maintains race and gender data in a confidential file in accordance with federal guidelines.

  • Maintains a record of volunteer and continuing education hours and class training attendance.

  • Notifies the Board of members meeting certification and threshold hour achievements.

  • Orders and maintains the member certification and recognition awards (e.g. shirts, name tags, certificates, business cards, pins).

  • Ensures members have a current signed liability form on file.

  • Maintains a record of high level interests and specific expertise of members.

Volunteer Service Projects Committee Chair

  • Approves and notifies chapter membership regarding Volunteer Service opportunities and projects.

  • Uses the Volunteer Policy Handbook statement on Volunteer Service Requirements and Chapter guidelines to review projects or activities for approval.

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