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We are passionate about volunteering! 

We have a wide range of projects to choose from so you can jump right in and get started - or, once you complete basic training, you can propose your own project based on your interests!


Projects are divided into 3 categories; Citizen Science, Education and Outreach, and Stewardship.

Citizen Science

Bird, butterfly, frog and toad counts. Wildlife and native plant mapping and surveys. Stream monitoring. Citizen scientists all over the country follow consistent protocols to collect data that supply scientists with the information they need.

Education & Outreach

Teaching and working with others, Includes leading nature walks, giving presentations, providing hands-on activities, developing materials for parks, provide education-related service projects for youth, writing natural resource articles, and more.


Plant trees. Protect streams. Restore and maintain wildlife habitat, improving water quality. Build park trails and maintain them. Stewardship brings volunteers outside, gets them dirty, and shows them tangible results of their work.

Citizen Science

Bird Monitoring - Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Caterpillars Count!

National Weather Service Monitoring

Save Our Streams

Bird Walks with PWCA

City Nature Challenge

Nature's Notebook

Spotted Lanternfly Monitoring

Bluebird Nest Box Monitoring

NASA Globe Observer

Project Wild Things

Water Quality Monitoring

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