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Join us!  These events are open to the public and held by our Chapter or partner organizations

Basic Training Class Interest Meetings: 

Will be offered in early summer 2024- contact us for more information or to be added to our interest lists.

-Prince William Native Plant Symposium:

Stop Mowing and Start Growing!  The 6th Annual Prince William Native Plant Symposium encourages and inspires property owners and gardeners to commit to sustaining native plants on their properties.  Thoughtful planting and maintenance of Virginia native plants in our landscaping expands the natural plant communities in our suburban areas and offers the support that our local wildlife requires to thrive.


This event covers all of the basics for individuals just beginning with natives such as exploring easy to grow shrubs and perennials in a variety of landscapes, as well as more advanced topics like establishing native food forests.  A range of local experts are presenting including Keith Tomlinson, Carol Heiser, Sam Droge, Nancy Berlin, Julie Flanagan, Sylvia Schmeichel and also including Merrimac Farm VMN Tom Attanaro!  Another benefit of attending is the opportunity to connect with other native plant enthusiasts and to meet exhibitors dedicated to environmental stewardship in Prince William, (including Merrimac Farm VMN!)


The Symposium will be held Saturday, February 10th from 9:45-4 at in the Verizon Auditorium at George Mason’s Manassas Campus with an online option.  Register here:

Merrimac Farm Chapter Meetings: 

Our meetings are held the third Thursday of every other month at 7:00 p.m., and have once again started to be held in person!  They are a great opportunity to connect with chapter members and other naturalists in our community.  If you are considering joining our chapter, they're also an excellent introduction to our group and projects.

We feature a speaker every meeting covering topics related to the environment and our place in it.  We also include a chance to participate in a light hearted quiz, 'Stump the Naturalist' which allows us to test our knowledge and learn more!

Contact us to register to join.

Upcoming meetings: 

Thursday, March 21:

Bull Run Universalist Unitarian Church

9350 Main St Manassas, VA 20110

(A zoom link will also be available for those who can't attend in person)

Guest Speaker: TBD

PW Wild Things/Naturalist Led Walks:

Want to learn more about the natural world in our area?  


Wild Things Safaris and Nature Walks:

Nature walks are held periodically through the year at a variety of parks around Prince William County.  Led by our Virginia Master Naturalists, this is a great way to experience hands on learning about plants, animals, and natural processes.  Learn how to use popular citizen science applications like iNaturalist and eBird to document observations on your walk and share your data with researchers and scientists worldwide.

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