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Camron Robertson DWR


I grew up on a farm in Fauquier County, VA and was introduced to hunting and fishing at a young age. This early exposure to nature eventually contributed to a passion for game and non-game wildlife species alike.

With the goal of pursuing a career pertaining to my interests, I attended Virginia Tech and earned a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of ecosystems with different taxa including songbirds, shorebirds, bats, mesocarnivores, deer, and many more. After spending time in various parts of Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and California as well as studying conservation in Australia and New Zealand, I somehow ended up back in my hometown to work for the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

As a Wildlife Area Manager with DWR, my main objective is to improve habitat for all of Virginia’s native wildlife and provide access to our areas for people to enjoy wildlife related activities. Outside of work I enjoy wildlife photography, hunting, fishing, birding, biking, and board sports.

Camron Robertson DWR
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