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Lisa Matthews

Membership Chair

I’ve been a Master Naturalist since 2010 and used the training to help me at my job at a nature center. Because I’m a native Californian, I needed to learn about the local flora and fauna .  My background is in general biology (when that was a thing).

I’ve volunteered and worked teaching environmental education for the past 16 years to all ages and programs (such as Boy and Girl Scouts). Leading the Scouts and being president of a large women's club gave me experience leading organizations.  I have volunteered at a bird rescue, caring for numerous species of animals through my work and volunteering.   I’ve had the joy and privilege to bird on three continents!   I’m also a scuba diver and hiker.

We have exciting plans for our future meetings and for our chapter.  We are building steps to help you successfully reach your re-certification every year.  We are looking for projects to help you easily accomplish that goal while having as much fun as you can!

Lisa Matthews
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