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Nell Benton


Like the rest of us, I have a great affinity for nature and would love to be outside all the time. My natural optimism is sometimes challenged when I read bad news and hear how humans can degrade and hurt other people and our natural world.

I got to know Judy Gallagher when I took a philosophy of nature class at Woodend 8 years ago. As she drove me home I felt my natural optimism return to me as she discussed the Virginia Master Naturalist program. Later when Terri Mewborn let it be known that she was looking for someone to go through the training with her, I jumped at the chance.

I am interested in all aspects of VMN, but I have to say my favorite projects aside from Butterfly Day are MWEEs and Meg’s Project Wild training. Teachers and students relight the optimistic spark at my core.

Nell Benton
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